condominium management

Let’s think about condominium management. First of all, living in a condominium is both a residence and an asset to be managed. In this context, condominium management, which is managed by the people who live in the apartment building, is responsible for enhancing the livability and managing the building with an eye on future plans. While ensuring a comfortable environment for daily life, it is necessary to find a way of condominium management that is required in Japan’s super-aging society, such as a cooperative system and building reinforcement in case of earthquakes. The number of people who consider condominiums as their final home is on the rise, as they want to live in a safe environment with the convenience and comfort of security.

What is a Management Association?

If you are living in a condominium for the first time, you should have some knowledge about the management association, which is composed of the unit owners of the condominium. As I mentioned earlier, the “management association” is a management group created by the unit owners of condominiums and apartments. The term “management association” may be unfamiliar to you, but the management association conducts its activities based on a law called the “Ownership Law of Condominiums and Other Structures. The “Law on Ownership of Condominiums, etc.” is a law concerning condominium buildings, and it describes matters to ensure that people living in communal housing can obtain a comfortable living environment by themselves, and also to prevent problems from occurring. In the recent trend of condominiums located near train stations, it is claimed that you can live comfortably without umbrellas even on rainy days through the arcade from the nearest station. In the case of condominium complexes where the first floor is occupied by shops and supermarkets, there can be more than one management association, such as a residential management association of condominium residents and a store management association of store owners on the first floor.