Gila Michail and the Power of Positivity

Gila Michail and the Power of Positivity
Gila Michail and the Power of Positivity, Photography by Rebecca Mizrahi

Gila Michail was reading from Rumi and surrounded by a group of entranced ladies who lunched on a recent Saturday afternoon.  It was a beautifully purposeful gathering of friends to celebrate Spring and a perfect excuse to get together to drink some wine, catch up and practice gratefulness.  I had met Gila, the mother of a good friend, in passing a few times but never had a chance to spend enough time to have a meaningful conversation.  Now here I was, among twenty something other women half Gila's age, drinking in her wisdom and positive energy with the words of spoken poetry dancing in our ears.

Gila wears the Gabrielle Caftan

To gaze upon Gila is to conjure up images of famous women known for their timeless beauty, like Helen Mirren or Lauren Hutton, but it is her spirit that captivates you above all of that.  Fleeing Iran during the revolution of 1979 as a young mother, she got through the hard times through meditation and the power of positive thinking.  She was an early fan of Louise Hay, re-reading her books hundreds of times and constantly working on positive manifestation.  A successful apparel merchant for years, the business thrived because she had wonderful relationships with loyal clients who wanted to come back just to be around her.

Gila wears the Coquette Caftan

From the time she was just 14 years old, her positivity and outward beauty was recognized by many.  She has been approached for decades by modeling agencies and brands, but despite being intrigued by the idea, sadly always had to say no.  A modeling career is frowned upon in the Iranian culture, and even when living in the United States, her traditional husband disliked the idea. 

Gila and daughter, Sheila Morovati both wear the Gabrielle Caftan with granddaughter Sophia wrapped in the Annabel Sandthrow

Gila is newly single now, and a vivacious 71 year old who does Zumba four times a week, skis, hikes and even ziplines. Her study of poetry and mindul positivity has helped her in her life as she was always visualizing the life she wanted, and is now living it.  A few months ago, Gila was again approached by a modeling agency and this time she had the freedom to say yes.  Much to our delight, as we have had the pleasure to work with her on our recent Mother’s Day caftan shoot.  What better to way to highlight a garment that elicits nostalgia and both caresses and conceals the body, while making its wearer feel free.  

Gila wears the Sandpiper Caftan