Introducing Off The Sand

Introducing Off The Sand

While we wish we could, we can’t always be hanging out by the ocean with our toes in the sand.  Life’s a beach and all of that, but in reality we live our lives and do our work mostly off the sand. The people who inspire us aren’t relegated to lifeguards and mermaids, but our community, friends and family who are doing amazing things that we want to share. There’s so much behind our products, process, and inspiration that can’t be summed up in an Instagram caption. So here we are with a brand spanking new content series called Off The Sand.

Joelle Maynard wears our Riviera Bandeau whilst eating spaghetti, a daring move which successfully resulted in no sauce spilled on said bandeau.

I hate the word blog but it’s what this is. A medium to share stories about Hamabla’s journey, causes we support, people we admire, and things that have nothing to do with anything but we just think are cool.  And don’t blame us if some topics of Off The Sand are actually on the beach, on the sand.  We live there, too and will share the beachy goodness whenever it makes sense.

Source:  The New Yorker

For those following along, we tried this blog thing a few months back but didn’t feel the tone really represented us as a brand.  We’re funny, sincere, irreverent, authentic and earnest all at the same time, but try as we might, cannot take ourselves too seriously.  So we’re not going to be one of those blogs where we try to sell you something under the ruse of flowery marketing content. We think you’re smarter than that. The cool cat entrepreneur we’re featuring and crushing on may just be wearing one of our caftans, but only if she wants to, and even then we’ll do our version of #ad in a completely transparent, irreverent way.

Joelle Maynard wears our Carmen Cami in Sunshine whilst playing toss with a seashell. An activity she does in normal life, not just for press photos.

So thanks for reading our very first Off The Sand.  There’s so much content out there and we tend to be a bit jaded about it. So we’ll do our best to keep you entertained if you stick with us, on and off the sand.  Please enjoy the way it's intended... with an open mind, a sense of humor and a loving heart.