Alex Mason on Painting and Design



Artist & Co-Founder, Ferrick Mason
Background: Kentucky Born & Raised
Motto: "Just Do It!"


I was lucky enough to meet Alex Mason when she lived just down the road in Los Angeles several years ago. A close friend of a close friend, Alex had that sunny disposition and southern charm that instantly makes you feel like you’ve known her for years. A classically trained artist with a burgeoning luxury fabric line, soon I had collected several of her works and collaborated with her on two of my home design projects. Her move last year back to Kentucky, where she was born and raised, took her away from our physically close collaboration, but planted her firmly back to her roots, resulting in a bona fide artistic reawakening.

Alex is drawn to the free forms found in nature rather than the geometric and hard edged, which shows up prominently in her work. Never literal, her works reference nature rather than mimic it and reflect a spontaneous, imperfect beauty of drips, washes and splatters that give them true depth and soul. Her most popular patterns and colorways for her fabric line, Ferrick Mason, are directly inspired from her work in the painting studio, and incorporate the instinct for color and this love of naturally-inspired, organic forms.


When I set out to develop custom designed fabrics for Hamabla, it should be no surprise that a collaboration with Alex was at the top of my list. Her painterly aesthetic was perfect for the interpretation of ocean-inspired designs I sought to feature in my line. A visit to Kentucky, a day at the horsetrack, some mint-juleps and a few hours in her ​Versailles ​design studio and we had the beginnings of the Hamabla Summer 2017 collection. I am so excited that my first artistic collaboration for Hamabla was with Alex. Her works can be seen in the printed “Zuma” and “Escondido” patterns on our totes and in our soon-to-be-classic “Amagansett” outdoor fabrics on our umbrellas and chairs.





Since its inception, Ferrick Mason has garnered press mentions in virtually every design publication and blog of repute, including World of Interiors, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Town and Country and British Homes and Gardens. The firm’s textiles have graced numerous designer show houses around the country, and Traditional Home magazine named Ferrick Mason as one of the companies that is “shaping our generation.”


A quick glimpse of Alex:

Handle: @alexkmason / @ferrickmason /

Home Base: Versailles, KY

Creative Endeavor (a.k.a. “Job”): Painting, designing textiles and wallpapers, decorating our home

Day at the Beach Must-Have: An umbrella, beach blanket, sunscreen and a fun book.  I'm really wanting the new David Sedaris, Theft by Finding Diaries 1977-2002.

Favorite summer activity: Going to the Kentucky River for the day, boating and bar-b-queing

Go-to karaoke song: Although no wants to hear me sing, I will try to belt out, ​Brandy ( You're a fine Girl) by Looking Glass

What are you working on lately?: Launching Ferrick Mason Wallpapers. We have 6 designs that are now heading to showrooms nationwide. I am also launching the Alex K. Mason fine art prints and giclees webshop on my website.

What inspires you?: Nature. We just got back from Yosemite and it was completely awe inspiring. I also love to look at paintings and sketches I have done and figuring out different ways of interpreting them. I get most of my inspiration in the moment when I am working and I never know what the final artwork will be. Using simple forms to make complex compositions with color is the most inspiring because it is limitless.