Management Association and Company

For those of you who are new to living in a condominium, let’s talk about the management association and the management company. In a condominium, there are many rules and agreements that are established on the premise that the residents of the condominium will live together. The management association and the management company are responsible for deciding the details of these rules and agreements, and for managing the condominium facilities and the building as a whole. The management association is organized by the unit owners of the condominium. The management company is a staff member who is contracted by the management association to manage the condominium and carry out these tasks. In addition to the janitor at the entrance and the concierge, the management company is also responsible for the cleaning of the common areas. In some cases, there are cases where the management association itself performs various tasks and building management work without signing a contract with a management company, or where only some tasks are outsourced to an external management company.